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Our Story
How it all began

Skilled workers are high in demand, but rely heavily on agencies to find a successful match with employers. This dependency often leaves job seekers stagnant and waiting to get hired. The truth is, there are always opportunities for employment; job seekers just need the right tools to mobilize themselves and become fully independent in their job-seeking experience.

We realized that current employment process for skilled-workers never capture work-compatibility between them and employer. So, our team identified the crucial element that job-search platforms and hiring agents haven’t explored.

- empowering skilled-workers with a comprehensive resume.

Our Solution
Where we are going

Paresjobs is an online tool that allows you to Hire or Get Hired. Unlike other job search platforms, Parejobs are employee-oriented. As a result, job-seekers can create a comprehensive resume/portfolio giving employers more insight into potential candidates. Paresjobs’ platform also gives job-seekers more control over their job-seeking process, which allows them to create their own schedule, identify their job-related skills, and gain access to an abundance of job opportunities.

By creating an employee-oriented platform, employers will have more confidence in their hiring process. Employers are now able to put a face to the resume and develop a rapport before hiring.

Short-list your candidates, review job-seekers’ resume, and get personal insight from their video interview.

How Paresjobs can help you get the job what you want

Your ideal job awaits you. All you need is the exposure.

Tell us your ideal job, salary, and availability; complete the video interviews; and let the employers contact you with a job offer.
Paresjobs' unique job matching platform

The hiring process has never been easier. Employers are now able to scout for skilled workers for any job, time, and location. Job Seekers’ resumes gives you the information you need to have you employment needs met.
The Team behind paresjobs

Paresjobs is a SEC registered company created by a diverse team of professionals who is changing the status quo of the employment process.

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